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“Bling”on a Budget

I am a BIG fan of anything DIY. Add some feathers, appliques, jewels, and glitter to anything and it looks brand new! You don’t have to break the bank to makeover a room, either. Here are some “Lady of Bling” ideas for giving some glitz to tired room decorating – staying well within a budget (and keeping all the husbands happy!!!)

antique end table old world design

The end table: This accessory gives an instant WOW factor to your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Consider your current color scheme but maybe take it just a little bit further with  fleu-de-lis, gold accents, or glitter! Litter it with glitter. You’ll thank me later.

interior design donna moss hgtv

Dried Flowers: A cost-effective way to give femininity and beauty to any room is to add dried flowers. This vintage, old-time style is timeless … and you don’t ever have to water it either!!! You can buy some or dry and arrange your own for a custom color palette.

glam up pillows how to

The Pillow Bling: Ladies, you’ve got two choices here – buy new throw pillows or throw some BLING on the ones you have!!! One of my favorite ways to “bling it on” with old decor is to find a new place for gold brooches. You can attach them to pillows, glue them on a plain mirror, or create a one-of-a-kind Christmas arrangement, like I showed Fox news:



Rustic Touches: While I’m the Queen of Bling until the cows come home, I’ll be the first to agree that glamour goes beyond gold and glitter. Here in Texas, Western style is just as “blingy.” Choose a rustic design like these antlers and carry that theme all around the room in little touches. It will completely change the outlook of a room while keeping it affordable.

donna moss rustic designs


How would you “bling it all?” I’m all ears!

Wishing you all the best in your decorating endeavors,

-Donna Moss



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2013 Dream Home: French Country Home in Monticello

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with me as I remember this fantastic spread I did for Fort Worth magazine’s dream home edition. Featured in the October 2013 issue, my girls and I decorated the interior of the home to match the exterior – a splendid home in the Monticello neighborhood that deserved a European style to match its outer appearance. Let’s begin with the kitchen, shall we?

donna moss HGTV dream home design
The client wanted a classy look with just the right touches of “The Lady of Bling” glam. We chose to go with a predominantly rustic white theme, mottled marble counter tops, and … of course … the Donna-approved animal print barstools in a dashing black and white zebra!

zebra print designs

On the countertops and near the stove we added the touches of green to bring life and vibrant color to the crisp white surroundings of the modern kitchen.

crystal chandelier placement

If y’all know nothing else about me, know this: I LOVE chandeliers!!! They carry the light in any room and give that extra gold or silver shimmer that’s breathtaking and dramatic. If there’s only one thing you can do to redecorate, start with a chandelier, it’s a sure thing. For the informal dining room, we went with my trademark chandelier, warm brown and gold tones to keep it simply stunning.

HGTV dream home donna moss

We kept the formal dining room muted with charcoal blue and grey with a structured hanging light fixture. With the light coming from the window, it was a perfect place to showcase pastel florals as centerpieces. For the furnishings, we went with a French country home style, reminiscent of European farmhouses with unfinished wood and rustic elements.

media room french design interior

Last, but certainly not least, the media room, where the family comes together! Another example of a soft color palette for a truly Monticello French European style. Did you notice my pop of green in this room too? 🙂


Until next time, always remember that it is indeed a wonderful life! Enjoy every design you do,


-Donna Moss


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