Yes, the Lady of Bling is at it again. I often say I am a “Glam-ma” and there are TONS of ways to glam up your rooms with just a little extra bling. For today, I’ll give you a little behind-the-scenes look at Donna Decorates Dallas season 2. The theme was black and yellow … everywhere! This color scheme is both gothic and bright – two things I can’t live without. I’m going to give you six ways to do it the right way, the bling way!

1.    Focus on the Details:

With black and yellow, you have to decide sometimes which color gets showcased and where. The chandelier in this room, for example, would NOT have worked yellow. Adding little crystal details such as this cross, and jewels to handles, door knobs, and mirrors can also do the bling in minor ways that contribute to a grand design.

custom crystal cross design

2.     Go with something unexpected

Did you think a chair would be a great way to use designs? Well in my book it is. Wait until you see the back of these fabulous chairs (stay tuned)…

HGTV design stars


3.    Pick something to “Glam”

In my world, this is a cardinal rule. Chandeliers, mirrors, and wooden benches are all in my jurisdiction here. Take a look at this fancy DIY etched wood design – unexpected and unique – and a perfect way to carry the theme.

artisan designs

4.    Don’t just stick to sofas

Another of my favorites, the settee, the chaise, the loveseat. Why would the sofa have all the fun? This black and yellow curved chaise sends off a boudoir ambiance and an upholstery that matches the dining chairs.

custom upholstery chaise lounge



5.   Don’t forget the walls

My daughters and I both love this design idea. While a flat color can add volumes to a room, an etched wall design adds another “wow” factor. With this, we chose muted yellow and shades of grey and silver to get the effect. If you look closely, you may be able to see the swirls of rich paint – this was done by hand, ladies and gentlemen!

painted walls


6.    Put the icing on the cake

I’m a fan of anything sweet … it carries into interior decorating too! Our showcase of the house (and one of my personal favorite touches) is the back of the dining chairs I mentioned earlier. Laced up boudoir-style and a perfect final touch, the ladies had to show them off!

laced back upholstery


If you’re a fan of the boudoir style, swing over and check out the latest in brocade bedrooms designed by yours truly, and don’t forget to watch Donna Decorates Dallas we’re currently in reruns on HGTV at 5:30 Central, so don’t miss out on a minute of the BLING!!!




-Donna Moss